Friday, April 25, 2008

Some days, the life of an academic just can't compete!

I finished the first of a series of final papers and exams today. I wish I could say that I felt better now, or at least in some part relieved--instead, I'm only experiencing the horrible doubt and self-review of what I said in the paper, and then the wrenching feeling in my gut as the full weight of what's due next week sinks in. Of course, I've got some things prepared and I've been thinking ahead, but the bottom line is, there's a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time. Then again, Dr. Who is on tonight. Mmmm...David Tennant. Speaking of men whom I am desperately attracted to, my hubby completely trumped my success story today (first final done, 'member? I know, Tennat throws me off, too) when he announced that his company is on the news because the owner's son has been kidnapped--ransom note n everything. I thought that just happened in the movies--and, according to the FBI my impression is just about right, these things don't really happen that often. The poor kid is 26 years old and has been missing since April 1. Just when I thought life as a gradstudent was getting exciting...

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