Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Animal matters

Something happened to me today which has never, ever happened to me before, and which I doubt will ever, ever happen to me again--

I walked out of the vet's office and only paid $20, which was my bill in full.

I really needed a vet visit where they gave me good news, and this was it--although the dog's teeth are indeed chipped, no root canal or extraction is required. But perhaps, the vet kindly suggested, he shouldn't be chewing on any more rocks, or cinder blocks.

Duly noted.

He got a bath today n everything--so he wasn't so greasy so as to slip out of the leash. He's been known ta try it. Nope, now he's a lil too dry skinded for my comfort.

Here's the old man (though he looks quite perky in this picture!):

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