Monday, May 26, 2008

May is a long month for an academic

I don't really feel 'out of the woods' until June comes in. I mean, I only finished up my semester May 2, and still had students portfolios to evaluate and grade for the week after that. Patients at work, when they're scheduling their next appointment, want to comment on how "quickly the month as gone by." I smile politely and nod, thinking to myself how desperately I wish it were June, just to get the end-of-semester cooties out of my head. This month won't end; instead it maliciously holds itself over my head.

I have yet to clean out my office, but that is because I have yet to receive my office assignment for next semester--not to mention my teaching schedule. As a result, I am essentially unemployable. A wonderful opportunity has presented itself, via my father-in-law, to work for a multi-million dollar software company, and yet I am unable to present something as simple as my availability for the fall. Urgh. I worked, at the price of my sanity and nearly my marriage, through the last year of school-in addition to taking classes and being a TA. The office is now paying me back by giving me bullshit hours during which time I train new employees--they have not given me ample time to complete my regularly scheduled duties, and then wonder why certain things aren't getting done. Whats even more frustrating is that there have been two people I poured time and energy into that were then fired shortly therafter ( I swear, its not me!). So now I'm just hoping that I'm not wasting my breath on these young ladies.

In other frustrating news, I joined a student "resistance movement" (for lack of a better term, though I am sure anyone else in the group would be quite mortified if they knew I was using this term) and yet, I feel that it is backsliding. We got some 'attaboys' from various news crews and even some faculty, but where are we now? Last week, when the president (against whom we have organized ourselves) held one of his meetings, I was the only one there out of my entire "resistance movement." wtf? (for lack of a better phrase). I have no intention of backing off; I am perfectly comfortable appraoching these things on my own, but the question remains, where did everyone go?

back to work angst:
The third new employee has a scheduling conflict with her other job that directly affects my life. Because she only knows 1 week ahead of schedule what days she will be available, I only know 1 week ahead of schedule which days I will be training her. long story short-- As a result, I have had to turn down a trip to the grand canyon.


Please forgive my frustrated scrawl. I just feel that I 'm being walked all over and I've worked too hard to deserve this type of treatment! This is summer; this is a time to make plans. And I can't becuase apparently a noobie (newbie?)'s schedule is mor eimportant than mine. Add that together with not knowing my fall schedule, and I feel completely detached from my own life, and absolutely not in control. I am not able to make long term plans or decisions. My brother, the poet, would laugh at how uptight I am...But this is my life! Don't I have a right to know when I can pencil myself in?

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