Friday, May 23, 2008


OK but now let me tell you about last night's hilarity. My Roadie and I get together for a beer. I gotta just call it as it is, girl--we were not in our normal charismatic partnering last night, let's face it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's just it--reading. When we're not in class together, and don't see each other for a week its like, conversation peters out. Am I wrong? Our friendship is founded on nerd-dom.When we begin discussing literary tropes in our newfound book group, things will swing right back to normal.

Two eligible bachelor-types sit down at the bar. One discusses the Spurs wtih the Roadie(I stand by, clueless:). The other smells like cigarettes and, from the way he talked to me, apparently thought he was cooler than me. He contributed a few titles to my list of books I wanted to read, and thought he was really cool in doing so. I thought he was pretty unoriginal to boast about how much Hunter S. Thompson and Vonnegut he's read. Yay. He's so suave, in fact, that he's got a Thompson quote tattooed on his calf. He lifts up his pantleg so I can admire his ink. And there, in lovely black letters, was the quote:

When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro.

Take another look if you have to, folks, and then begin to laugh uncontrollably at this idgit. That's one hell of a fuck-up, and that ain't no Sharpie . Not one but TWO mispellings in permanent, deeper-than-skin tattoo ink.
*for those of you who still haven't gotten it, "wierd" is spelled "weird." Now, go check your tattoos.

In my woozy mind, I considered my options--smile and let him continue to think that he's cooler than me, or break it to him gently and smash his bravado. obviously, i chose the latter, though I'm not sure I was incredibly tactful. I prefaced my observation with, "I'm only telling you this because there's no chance of us ever sleeping together"
Dont ask me where it came from. He was aghast, and offended at my assumption (but that's what I do, when a guy at a bar strikes up conversation. I'm either really paranoid, or absolutely right)--but didn't really even have time to reflect on it in his horrifying realization that it was, indeed, mispelt.


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