Thursday, May 22, 2008

The many faces of Beeyotch
While the days of rigorous and unforgiving deadlines is temporarily over for me, I am nonetheless swamped and pulled in 15 different directions at any given time. I've certainly learned to be a smooth 'time' operator. Let me walk you through the many facets of myself that I manifested today.

I woke up as extremely thirsty, fairly groggy, and mildly hung over Beeyotch. This is commonplace.

I was "Aunt" Beeyotch for a little while, mid morning, while I enjoyed the company of my beautiful niece, Rosie. Her parents were there, too, but I'm not their aunt. Besides, she's cuter--Here's from yesterday, when I was "photographer Beeyotch":
(disclaimer-my digi's not working really well right now, so these are a disposable...I guess a bad photographer blames her camera...)

Then I was New patient Beeyotch at my new doc's office, and I got a shot in the hiney that will [hopefully] make me sneeze less, or stop waking up from inability to breathe. Right now I still feel slightly sniffly and, what's worse, I feel like someone punched me in the ass. We'll see, I guess. We'll see.

Now its time for Work Beeyotch-you know, in the scrubs, darting about from room to room doing patient therapies, figuring out patient statements and giving my boss the ol stinkeye when he starts taking too long telling jokes (the same jokes every time, mind you. I can recite them).

I transformed from work Beeyotch to Resistance movement Beeyotch (I'd forgotten to note but there is a shoe change accompanying each of these dimensions. For this occassion, I went with fur n' sequins. I brought beer, which may have offended some, but after all these crazy changes through space and time, I needed a constant (nods to LOST fans out there) and BEER IS MY CONSTANT.
After some beer-mongering and opinion-mongering, I took off the shoes and went barefoot to transition into DanceCompany Beeyotch (with toes freshly painted for tomorrow's performance). [I was a little bit late, but I find this is true to form for extra-curricular Beeyotchs, such as DanceCompany Beeyotch and Resistance movement Beeyotch. My latest theory is that because money dictates my life, if I'm not paying to be there, or being paid to be there, I'm not so pressed about it. I'll get there. New Patient Beeyotch and WorkBeeyotch are 98% on time]. Rehearsal was a nice way to wind down the evening, and get my blood going a bit. New Patient Beeyotch learned that she officially weighs more than she ever has in her life to date, and wonders vaguely, looking at her gardetto's and beer...what ought to be done.

Wifey Beeyotch landed the role of the final home stretch towards bedtime. Pink fuzzy socks wtih a pink dingleberry are warmin my feet. I even made dinner (I know, after all this!:) and will begin folding laundry once this blog is finished. Then I will become She Who loves Dr. Who in the comfort and privacy of the living room at yeah-those clothes hampers make me HOT.

I guess that's a poor note to end on, but its a reality, one I live quite frequently. When my superhero hours are over, I'm just Floyd’s number one gal, and that's a great thought to end the day with.

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