Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am in over my head

I volunteered to be on a committee I have no business being on. But dammit, no one is listening to the faculty here, let alone the students...and I guess I just want to get in on the action. They probably want nothing to do with me. I have Arts & Science cooties.

In other news, I am drafting a letter to my representatives in Congress about the budget cuts to higher education that so many of the big wigs at the last meeting were complaining about. I am, admittedly, rather in the dark about these matters. I have preferred my life in a box, until, perhaps too late, my little cardboard home was shaken by big scary outside forces. Now I want to voice my opinion and I don't mess around with the footsoldiers. I go to the big big general-managers-in-the-sky, and start my foot-stamping there. But--what do I say? Please stop cutting off the money supply to my, I want to sound elegant and educated, not whiny. urgh. Is there a Government-policy-for-dummies out there? It's all written in hieroglyphic lawyer speak--only less interesting. I've got to get my foot in the door, somewhere, and thats the easy part. The part I'm worried about is saying something halfway intelligent once I've got everyone's attention.

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